Wedding Trends 2020: New Ideas For Your Big Day

The turn of the decade is revealing fresh trends in tying the knot. From sustainability and LED lighting to custom veils and blue tuxedos, couples are focusing less on age old traditions and more on creating bespoke experiences that they can truly call their own. The wedding industry is evolving as a result. Planners, vendors, designers and the like are offering more modern, contemporary options. 

There are certainly plenty to choose from. We’ve compiled a list of our favorites in Wedding Trends 2020: New Ideas For Your Big Day. It also includes 2020 wedding décor trends and wedding dresses trends.

Green is Gorgeous

One of our favorites in Wedding Trends 2020: New Ideas For your Big Day is the eco-friendly wedding. Couples are planning their big days while also doing their best to reduce environmental and ethical impact. Consider a ceremony in a location that reduces air travel for guests, using recycled paper for your wedding stationary, booking a catering company that sources ethical, local and organic produce or committing to a plastic-free reception. There are, of course, less involved ways to be sustainable such as resetting a family stone or heirloom engagement ring. You can also add donation requests alongside your Honeymoon Wishes registry

Light Them Up

Perhaps one of the most overlooked features in 2020 is lighting. LED bars. Tube lighting. Fairy lights. Hanging installations. Candlelight. There are countless wedding lighting options and they’re crucial to setting the mood and maintaining energy throughout the event. Consider how you can maximize lighting effects, dictating the transitions between speeches, first dance, cake cutting and so on.

Veiled Statements

More and more brides are choosing to make bold statements with their veils as they walk down the aisle. It’s simple yet elegant, which is why we love it. Consider including personalized imagery, messages, monograms and dates. It’s also an opportunity to create an heirloom of your own.

Small Can Be Huge

We know that for most couples keeping a guest list to 40 or 50 people might not sound ideal. After all, it’s natural to want to share your big day with as many family members and friends as possible. But there are plenty of benefits to treating your wedding like an exclusive party for VIPs. The budget per guest increases, which means they can each be treated to things like elaborate, multi-course meals and personalized touches galore. Not to mention the whole event will feel much more intimate as well.

Stop & Eat the Roses

If you love the idea of a floral-filled wedding, you’re going to love this 2020 trend. Edible flowers are going to be a part of receptions everywhere next year. Consider freezing them in ice cubes, tossing them in salads and sprinkling them on desserts. Is it over the top? Perhaps. But if flowers are a must-have, it’s a simple way to make your big day extra special.

Wedding Gowns 2020s

You want wedding dress trends for 2020? We have some thoughts. Brides want to feel beautiful, but also look and feel like themselves. After all, they know what does and doesn’t work for their body types. The good news is we’re seeing a burgeoning generation of dress designers who offer a wide variety of styles for just about every taste, even if you don’t want to look “too bridal.”

Bridesmaid Dresses

Let’s talk more about wedding dresses trends 2020. The tradition of bridesmaids isn’t going anywhere, but how they dress has certainly changed over the years. Instead of pastel uniforms, expect to see more custom bridesmaid dresses next year that reflect each individual’s personality. That could come in the form of colors, styles, and prints. They might even enjoy wearing them!

Hue Beautiful Thing

Color is going to be an even bigger deal next year as people plan their weddings. Way beyond being seasonal with summer or fall wedding colors, “something blue” or a splashy cummerbund, we expect to see very non-traditional palettes that span the spectrum. Consider bold accents as you plan your big day to make it truly unique and meaningful to the both of you. 

Let Them Eat Cake

While some couples choose alternatives like cupcakes or doughnuts, wedding cake will continue to be massively popular next year. Fruit. Fondant. Artistically dripped icing. Boozy flavoring. There are so many options that it’s relatively simple to create something perfect for you and yours.

Not So Black & White

Black will never go out of style, but blue is definitely in. Navy, teal, cobalt and other similarly hued jackets are going to be everywhere next year, which is why you’re reading about it in Wedding Trends 2020: New Ideas For Your Big Day. Consider your favorite hue based on popular spring, summer, winter or fall wedding colors, and then accessorize to own the look.

With Spirit

2020 wedding trends wouldn’t be complete without nodding to some of the most popular spirits. Certainly, you know your guest list better than anyone and can place orders accordingly. However, it’s worth mentioning a growing love of gin and mezcal among the masses, the latter of which offers a number of varietals to explore. As in years past, mocktails are always a hit. And, of course, anything with bubbles.

Bar None

Let’s keep talking about drinks. Open bar is nice. This boozy feature is downright fun. Consider including an artful wall-mounted dispenser, a tricked-out counter of pour-over drinks or a buffet of specialty garnishes that allow your guests to create their own cocktails. These are some of those features that people talk about for years to come.  

Fuss-Free Hair

Here’s something unexpected. Even the chicest brides around will be opting to keep their hairstyles natural and fuss-free. Consider the undone bun, freshly tousled tresses or whatever makes you feel like you instead of a traditional, overly coiffed look. 

Catering to Guests

Inclusivity will be top of mind for most couples next year, which includes the food being served at their receptions. Vegetarians, vegans, people with allergies and others. Consider offering more versatile cuisine to accommodate them all and your big day will be raved about.

Tables Are Turning

Thinking more about wedding décor trends for 2020, leads us to table arrangement. We’re saying farewell to round top tables that seat eight to ten. Next year instead will bring a variety of alternative seating arrangements that range from long farmhouse tables to configuring rectangular tables into a unique, potentially personalized designs.

There you have it. Wedding Trends 2020: New Ideas For Your Big Day. Couples everywhere are starting their own traditions in the form of highly bespoke experiences. As you plan your own big day, expect to see planners and vendors offering you the modern, contemporary options you need to do the same.

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