Honeymoon Inspiration: The Top 5 Most-Purchased Honeymoon Wishes Gifts

Gone are the days of wedding registries made up of monogrammed linens, pots and pans and toasters. Newlywed couples today want honeymoon registries filled with wanderlust and adventure. 

Honeymoon Wishes offers a variety of experiences through partnerships with more than 800 hotels and cruise lines. Honeymoon registries not only streamline gift giving and ease the planning process of these once-in-a-lifetime trips, but newlyweds are more likely to receive exactly what they want from friends and family. If you need more convincing on why you should be using Honeymoon Wishes, read our previous blog post by clicking here.

The following list includes the top five most purchased honeymoon registry items to spark ideas for your own.

Romantic Candlelight Dinner

Dial up the romance! Your honeymoon should be full of experiences you wouldn’t normally treat yourself to, so now is the time to splurge. In Hawaii, dine on fresh seafood at the foot of a volcano or on the beach beneath a starlit sky. Choose a private table for two in a bustling Roman plaza for delicious, homemade pasta. Share platters of delectable Mediterranean food, from lamb to octopus, overlooking the iconic architecture in Greece. Wherever the destination, enjoying local fare surrounded by breathtaking scenery is a must. 

Breakfast in Bed

Arguably the best part about a honeymoon is escaping normal, everyday obligations. You and your spouse can fill the trip with uninterrupted moments, staying out late with nothing to do and nowhere to be in the morning. Of course, days and nights like these call for breakfast in bed. It’s the perfect way to start, relaxing in each other’s company. Wake up to canopies of palm trees in St. Bart’s while you enjoy fresh fruit and food or indulge in enchiladas and papas fritas in Mexico while basking in the rising sun. Every bite is the most delicious bite when you’re enjoying breakfast in bed on your honeymoon. 

Snorkeling Adventure

Every honeymoon needs at least one adventure that leaves you and yours with a lifetime of memories. For newlyweds using Honeymoon Wishes to visit a tropical destination, snorkeling always delivers. Take advantage of the turquoise waters of Belize and get up close and personal with rays, eels and other types of vibrant fish. Dive into Hawaii’s crystal-clear warm waters full of colorful fish, dolphins and turtles. Australia is just as breathtaking with the iconic Great Barrier Reef and more than 1,400 miles of shoreline to explore. Home to Barracudas, manta rays, fish and sharks, it’s a must-see destination. Exploration often makes honeymoons even more memorable, which is why snorkeling is a popular item for honeymoon registries. 

Spa Day

Honeymoons are ideal for relaxing, rejuvenating and decompressing, which is why spa days lands in the top five. Peaceful atmosphere, comfy robes and slippers and a plethora of treatments to take advantage of, it’s no wonder newlywed couple love adding them to their Honeymoon Wishes registries. Enjoy a couples’ massage in the middle of the serene Riviera Maya in Mexico, surrounded by palm trees and turquois water. Spend the day drinking Sonoma Valley’s best wines and relax later that night with a deep tissue massage and facial. Whatever spa day treatment piques your interest, they’re ideal for the quality time you and your spouse are hoping for during your honeymoon.

Room Upgrade

Honeymoon registries are great for friends and family to gift meals, excursions and spa days to new couples, but they’re also great for room upgrades. Honeymoon Wishes partners with more than 800 hotels, including Hilton, Four Seasons and the Westin, to make gifting upgrades simple. Whether you’re honeymooning in picturesque Ireland or under the sun in the Bahamas, Honeymoon Wishes allows friends and family to upgrade your room selection to the honeymoon suite. When creating your account, simply designate an upgrade for your select destination and allot the amount of money you wish to be fulfilled. It’s more than a room with a view. It’s the best room with a spectacular view, courtesy of friends and family. 

Honeymoon Wishes has over 300 destination options, ranging from Alaska to St. John and Bora Bora to New York. All of them waiting for you to embark on your trip-of-a-lifetime. Browse all of our honeymoon destinations currently offered. Begin setting up your Honeymoon Wishes registry for free today!