Why More Couples are Choosing Honeymoon Registries

For many couples, the best part about getting married is the honeymoon. It’s the reward for all the time and energy that went into the big day, and a memorable getaway that signifies the beginning of a new chapter. But with the average cost of a wedding skyrocketing to more than $35,000, little money is devoted to the trip of a lifetime. 

That’s where honeymoon registries come in. Certainly, a bride and groom can opt for a more traditional gift registry, or they can ask for gifts that fulfil their wanderlust. 

Here are our top five reason why every couple needs a honeymoon registry:

  1. Chances are by the time vows are exchanged, the couple has already lived together long enough to accumulate most items found on a traditional wedding registry. It’s no surprise then that the desire for more life experiences in lieu of pots, pans and flatware is more popular than ever. Honeymoon registries make that possible. Guests can gift anything from excursions to upgraded airfare, making the trip that much more spectacular. 
  2. A full-service honeymoon registry like Honeymoon Wishes makes the gift-giving process simple and fun. As an exclusive partner of more than 800 resorts and cruise lines, Honeymoon Wishes enables wedding guests to simply upgrade a couple’s itinerary either on their registry or on their wedding website.
  3. Using a honeymoon registry allows friends and family to help ease the financial stress of planning both a memorable wedding and the trip of a lifetime. With over 70 destinations located in more than 50 countries, Honeymoon Wishes makes any honeymoon destination affordable. 
  4. Honeymoon Wishes does more than just make wishes come true. Tools like custom photo albums, blogs and RSVP cards make coordination easy for couples, friends, family and guests alike. We also offer custom wedding websites where guests can purchase personalized, trip-related gifts, making the gift giving more fulfilling than just writing a check. 
  5. Arguably the best part about honeymoon registries is that the vacation is made possible by friends and family. People closest to the newly married couple have the opportunity to make a dream trip a reality by gifting items the couple otherwise may not buy themselves.

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